Gosport, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Live Lightning

Data provided by Worthing Weather

The types of lightning strikes shown on the images are:

+CG  Positive cloud to ground strike

-CG Negative cloud to ground strike

+IC Positive in cloud or intracloud strike

-IC Negative in cloud or intracloud strike


Using Astrogenic Systems TSentry add on software application for NexStorm, as soon as a thunderstorm is detected within a 31 mile radius of Worthing a thunderstorm alert will be sent directly to your inbox. TSentry generates two emails the first giving full details of the approaching storm, and the second giving the all clear when there has been no activity for 5 minutes. We have no control over how many alerts and all clear messages are sent out, it totally depends on thunderstorm activity. This service is provided by Worthing Weather but provided to Gosport Weather visitors on the basis that it will warn of storms that will affect Gosport. To sign up click here to send us your e-mail address.

Density Map

Density Map

TRAC Report

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